Compassionate Curiosity:

A Practice for Inclusive Leaders

with Dr. Cheryl Williams

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Compassionate curiosity is a core skill for building, developing and enhancing inclusive workplaces while boosting levels of belonging. By genuinely cultivating interest in others and engaging in dynamic dialogue, we can form authentic connections that transcend differences.

Compassionate curiosity is a practice that requires both intention and attention. Fundamentally, it is a willingness to engage with possibility and uncertainty as we explore dimensions of our individual and collective identities such as age, gender, race, culture, and beyond. In this process, we not only build trust, but we also increase psychological safety– an environmental quality that enables us to take interpersonal risks. It is in this space that we learn and redefine how we live and work in equitable and inclusive ways.

In this session, Dr. Cheryl Williams discusses the importance of compassionate curiosity and shares inspiring yet applicable strategies for deepening its practice.