Inclusive Leadership:

It's Not What You Think It Is!


When you hear the term Inclusive Leadership, do you automatically equate it to Diversity, Equity & Inclusion? If you said yes, you are not alone. But, what if we told you Inclusive Leadership is bigger

Believe it or not, our research shows that Inclusive Leadership is a relatively new paradigm that emerged as recently as 2006; however, because it is still an evolving concept, many people struggle to understand what it is and how to bring it to life in their interactions, relationships, and organizations.

Join us as we: 

  • Trace the origins of the concept of Inclusive Leadership as it has been used in corporations and organizations. 
  • Examine the current understanding of Inclusive Leadership and its shortcomings. 
  • Reclaim and redefine Inclusive Leadership as a paradigm for leaders to effectively, collaboratively, and compassionately address complex and critical challenges today.