Judge Softly Recording:

The Practice of Intentional Decision Making

with Anne-Barbara Lemmens

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Managing change is hard for everyone. We prefer to live, work and act in predictable situations based on our own assumptions, expectations and beliefs. In new situations, we find ourselves constantly in a place of tension between the known and unknown. As a result, our subconscious reactions are directed by the judgments we make based on previously-formed beliefs, thoughts and associations.

We cannot eliminate our natural tendency to make judgments or the spell of unconscious biases, but by learning to judge softly we can become aware of our patterns of thoughts, actions and decisions. Daring to be aware of, accepting, analyzing, and working with your judgments about yourself and others forms the foundation of inclusive leadership.

Listen to Anne-Barbara Lemmens, speaker and author of Judge Softly, to learn more about this transformational approach to reflecting on and mitigating the impact of bias, judgments and assumptions in the workplace.