Unlock & Unleash Unknown Potential:

Move From 2D to 3D to Know Your People

with Malini Janakiraman

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In this spotlight, we explore how to unlock and unleash potential in your organizations, teams and relationships through the power of multi-dimensionality.

In today’s ever-changing and increasingly complex environment, we all have a natural tendency and bias to simplify the world around in order to navigate it effectively. In other words, our brains are wired for binary thinking; we categorize, bucket, and minimize as strategies to help us execute and deliver in our day-to-day roles. Two-dimensional thinking is necessary and effective in some contexts; however, if we aren’t intentional, we may find ourselves engaging in our relationships in the same way, leaving the diversity around us untapped.

Join Malini Janakiraman, who talks about how truly getting to know others and appreciating their unique and inherent value is a key step of demonstrating Inclusive Leadership and unlocking often hidden potential. When we see and acknowledge the visible and invisible dimensions of diversity of those around us, we not only improve our relationships, but we also open a world of possibility by inspiring connections and intersections of talent and organizational needs.